White Walls and Straitjackets. -Review-


Meet Crystal and Harry – lovers who work in the entertainment business: after murdering three critics for poor reviews, they decide to skip town and head for the coastline. Once there, they know things will be fine – it’ll be a chance to start fresh. A new beginning. But, before they head to the seaside, Crystal must first visit her sister at a mental hospital – after all, it’s Crystal’s fault her sibling is there…

As they start their journey, Harry discovers a book in the van’s glove compartment – White Walls & Straitjackets. The author is unknown, but whoever he is, he seems to know a lot about the deadly duo and other nutjobs who inhabit the Rhondda Valleys, south Wales.

As lives and stories collide, Crystal and Harry soon discover escaping the Valleys won’t be as easy as they think. Especially with another serial killer hot on their heels…

My Rating: 4/5

My Review:
I was given this book by the publicist in exchange for an honest review. The cover art is superb and on that alone I would have been interested in this book.

I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style and stories found within the pages of this book. It leaned more on the gore side rather than the “I need to hide under my bed because I am scared sh*tless” type of horror book. There was a very clever twist as well that literally had me shouting “OMFG” as I certainly did not see it coming.

Crystal and Harry are definitely the two characters that hold each of the stories together. We meet others along the way, each with an important part to play but Crystal and Harry are the ones that will stand out in your mind…well after you have finished this book. They sort of reminded me of Mickey and Mallory Knox from the film “Natural Born Killers”. Absolutely no conscious, kill for the sake of killing as they get an extreme rush out of it and God help you if you piss them off!

The ending was brilliant as well. I will not spoil it but can say that it wraps the book up nicely and ties into the title perfectly.

I would definitely recommend this book to fans of the horror genre but would suggest you wait until the current price comes down as it is a little bit steep.

If you want a bit of a fright and have no worries about how much you spend on books check out the price of the paperback copy – otherwise click the link below to purchase the e-book at a reasonable price:

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