Welcome To Wherever You Are – Review

Welcome To Wherever You AreSynopsis: How far would you run to escape your past?

For eight strangers in a Los Angeles backpacking hostel, even the other side of the world isn’t far enough.

The craving for a new identity and the chance to start again is something they have in common. But the search for a fresh start isn’t as easy as they’d imagined.

And they soon discover that it doesn’t matter where you are or who you are – if you can’t lay the past to rest, coincidence, fate and deception have a way of catching up with you when you least expect it

My Rating: 4/5

My Review:
I am ashamed to say this is the first book I have read by John Marrs after hearing about The Wronged Sons so much in THE Book Club on facebook! I have now purchased it to see what I have missed!

I really enjoyed this book…experiencing as a reader the twists and tales of eight strangers who come together at a hostel in LA. And their stories intertwine even more as they learn each other’s secrets…or don’t in some cases.

My favourite two characters in this book were Tommy…vulnerable, damaged and searching for something he may never find and Ruth..quiet, child-like but with a very…well I don’t want to spoil anything so will leave it at that for her!!

There were some really good twists in this book as well. Some expected and some I did not have a clue about so hat’s off to the author for the OMG moments throughout!

I will certainly be keeping my eye out for more of John Marrs’ books as although this wasn’t the usual type of book I read I am pleased to have had the opportunity.