Hello world!

Welcome to my blog site!  I am new to this wonderful world of blogging so you will have to bear with me as I navigate myself through widgets and plugins and all that jazz!!

Once I have found my feet I will be posting my book reviews, author reviews and anything else I find interesting!

Crime, thrillers, suspense, horror are what I usually read about, however, every now and again I come across a book out of my normal comfort zone so don’t be surprised to see a non-crime book!

If you are a publisher or author and you would like me to read/review your book while my site is under construction, feel free to email me on crimebookjunkie@gmail.com


8 Replies to “Hello world!”

  1. Thank you Jackie! You should review…it can be one line…does not have to be long. Say how the book made you feel, what you liked, what could have been better. I bet you would be great!
    Hoping to figure out a subscribe button so it will be easier to follow my progress or epic fails! LOL

  2. Good luck with your blog. I too am a crime book fanatic but I’ve never had the courage to review any although I do read all the new releases. I will watch your progress with interest.

  3. That took me 3 hours to figure out! I am becoming slightly obsessed now with getting the hang of this. Thanks for all your help Sarah!

  4. Hey Noelle.. looking forward to this site getting up and running..
    Good luck with it honey.