Day 2

So I feel a bit like I am in The Big Blogger House…Day 2 on my journey and I am still none the wiser.  However I have figured out how to move some “widgets” about and think it is about time I look to set up some pages.

I also think I am going to include a tab/page where I can post some interesting quotes from books or every day life which I find interesting or funny…and maybe even rude! 😜

I am going to aim to post one review this weekend as a test post so watch this space!

13 Replies to “Day 2”

  1. Oh Sarah! Thanks so much! I was just thinking about you the other day so lovely to get your message. I am still learning and trying to get to grips with the blog but super busy with books and reviews and loving every minute of it. Happy for you to keep poaching though as this year is proving to be the year of opportunities and I am grabbing them all with both hands

  2. Hey, you, I am so impressed! Been following all the developments in this second career of yours and am so pleased for you! Won’t stop me trying to poach you in your first career of course, but think this year is the start of something wonderful and very different for you. And about time too that some positive stuff happened for you, so enjoy! xx

  3. Thanks sweets!! Slowly but surely I will get more comfortable with all this Computer stuff…wish I had paid more attention in school lol!

  4. woohooo check you out girl. Before you know it you will be all posh and in demand:-) xxx

  5. LOL Thanks Vicki!! Small steps but I am enjoying it so far!! Just setting it up at the moment and will hopefully be testing a review post on the weekend!! That is the goal anyway

  6. Go Noelle ! Go Noelle! (Said in a cheerleader fashion)

    Looks good!